CyHome Smart Apartment Ecosystem

Date posted: 06/08/2021

“CyHome Smart Apartment Ecosystem” is a product of CYFEER Joint Stock Company – a startup in PropTech (Property Technology – Technology in the field of real estate).

CyHome is a product developed from the cloud-based SaaS website model, which is a technology trend in the world but not really popular in Vietnam. The product provides a new standard system for the management of real estate models, digitalizing, optimizing and standardizing the apartment management. CyHome, moreover, can be expanded across many real estate and urban models, helping increasing interaction between operators and resident as well as their experiences in services and essential social security issues.

For management activities, the software will support the management of financial information, costs, assets in a transparent way, helping to better monitor activities such as parking, temporary shelter situation, access controlling, the cost of each apartment, the date of maintenance,…

Besides, CyHome brings a quick connect for residents and management as well as the residential community through the mobile app. In addition, CyHome has successfully co-opperated with popular payment units such as VNPay, Momo, banks, service providers and goods,… on giving people more benefits.

CYFEER has achieved lots of award, such as Vietnam Talent Survey 2018, Top 10 EPIC 100 Hong Kong 2018, Top 10 Startups in 2020 organized by Top 10 Vietnam IT Enterprises 2020 program, Vietnam Smart City Award 2020 in the category of Solutions for Smart Buildings/Apartments; So far, CyHome has been used in 200+ apartment projects, office buildings in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, serving more than 180,000 residents.

CyHome is currently the leading product in PropTech at Vietnam, used by major real estate management companies (CBRE, Proman, Visaho, KCX, My House, HTC…) or investors (Vin Group, Novaland, Khang Dien…). All customers using CyHome products have good feedback and continuing to cooperate with Cyfeer. CyHome has helped its customers optimizing workflows, saving operating costs, improving interaction with end users and expanding the service system.

CyHome is oriented to be the center of smart cities in the future and to increase the interaction between people and authorities. Beside that, CyHome is currently developed to become an online public services gateway. Cyfeer, with its smart product CyHome, has really done a great job of bringing digital transformation into life, which has gradually improved social life.