Fman Ecosystem for Farmer and Agriculture

Date posted: 06/08/2021

  • CEO: Do Tran Anh
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Fman One Member Limitted Company was established in November 2018 with the goal of applying technology to change Vietnam’s agriculture. Based on software strength with the new technology for equipment, machine learning, and data analysis technology, Fman built the first agricultural ecosystem. In Vietnam, supporting farmers and farms in the model of sustainable agriculture based on software and hardware products applying IoT in agriculture, one of the development direction currently being promoted by the Vietnamese Government including Fman Farmer’s Social Network (IoT integration), IoT equipment for animal farms, Fman Farm Management Software and Fcheck Traceability developed by Fman.

Currently, the Fman ecosystem used on iOS and Android has more than 3000 users accounts with the need to search information online, support from agricultural experts of farmers; support the provision of information in IoT devices so that farmers can better manage their farms and gardens. In addition, the connection between Fman social network and IoT devices can alert farmers about farming environments that help farmers to manage the farm anywhere and anytime.