Application Ecosystem

Date posted: 06/09/2021

25 Inc. was founded in 2016, is a startup in the field of E-commerce platform O2O (Online to Offline), which plays the role of accurately directing the needs of buyers to the nearest point of businesses or “authentic” chain brand in real time. The gầnnhà.com and software ecosystem and IoT is what TK 25 is investing resources to develop.

gầnnhà.com, developed based on cloud computing technology, can expand the scale of instant interactions and apply artificial intelligence to all digital operations of the platform. This will optimize the performance of buying, selling and distributing goods and services of the following areas:  Retail – Education – Employment – Real Estate for rent – Transportation; Traveling – Tourism; Entertainment; Beauty. gầnnhà.com also provide mobile-app solutions to help small and medium enterprises saving time and costs in the digitalization process, accessing to the domestic and regional markets.

One of the outstanding products in the gầnnhà.com is – Smart Sign. This IoT device is able to display information of the nearest “authentic” brand, “dragging” customers right at the sale point in real time, through customers’ searching on gầnnhà.com app. The combination of gầnnhà.com app and device strongly support the Vietnamese “authentic” brands, increasing the competitiveness with other foreign brands that are present in the market.

“Close dating – Close searching – Close purchasing” – Moreover, the gầnnhà.com team has upgraded the features to serve the essential needs of citizens during social distancing, such as constantly updating mobile food selling sites, the nearest pharmacies,… Beside that, this app also supports users to look for medical facilities, Covid-19 testing sites, quarantined hotels, and constantly updating news about the pandemic from the most reliable sources. “Close dating – Close searching – Close purchasing”  – their slogan now becomes more practical and more touching than ever, because it proves gầnnhà.com ‘s effort in creating good value for the community.

gầnnhà.com mobile app and ecosystems have made successful connections, with an average of 2500 interactions per day with more than 1300 authentic brands and these numbers are still growing. At the same time, TK 25 team try their best to build IoT products to support the ecosystem. gầnnhà.com of TK 25 is oriented to become a multi-dimensional, multi-platform, multi-service digital networking ecosystem, to directly compete with international brands in the market of advertising and online sales in future.