Smart Home ACIS

Date posted: 06/12/2021

ACIS was established in 2012, and is a pioneer in technology research – development and commercial development production with 100% of the brain resources of Vietnamese experts, electronic and IT engineers. Company specializes in providing intelligent electrical control solutions, so ACIS fullt master the technology to offer optimal costs with unlimited compatibility for the purpose of wide application and development for society.

With more than 1,000 projects completed, Smart Home ACIS products are prod of the “Made in Vietnam” brand, confidently competing with others leading brands in all aspects from technology, technique, cost, construction, after-sales, maintenance.

ACIS’s solutions can be easily integrated into all existing buildings, turing an ordinary house into a house with intelligent and automatic control system, applicable to all scales of projects.

Currently, ACIS is a partner of Da Nag Housing Development Investment JSC, Hung Thinh Group, Tan Thanh Tourism Trading JSC…