Surful Interactive Surface Technology

Date posted: 06/13/2021

  • CEO: Pham Minh Hoang
  • Email:

Surful is a technology capable of turing an ordinary surface such as a table top, wall, floor… into a surface that users can interact with like the screen of a phone or tablet. Surful’s interactive surface will bring new, engaging and interesting experiences to users

Surful’s target customers include:

– Events at public places, fairs, exhibitions: the outstanding feature of the interactive surface is its ability to attract crowds very well, so the product will be very useful in attracting visitors.

– Coffee shops, restaurants, eateries: The interactive surface will become a special hightlight for coffee shops, restaurants or eateries.

– Children’ play areas: we find that children love playing games on interactive surfaces. Interactive surface games are very suitable for children, children are more active when playing with many people.

Surful won the first prize in Startup Wheel 2017 in the group/induviduals category. The project wishes to bring the application interactive surface to more fields than not only entertainment but also other fields: education, art…

Surful is researching on 2 next technologies:

– Virtual reality surface: Users do not need to wear virtual reality glasses and hold the phone (free eyes, free hands) can still fuly experience virtual reality technology through surface products.

– Smart surfaces: Users can zoom, slide… just like using the phone on the most seemingly normal surfaces.