Natural Skin and Hair Care Products Combined with Nano-technology

Date posted: 06/08/2021

  • CEO: Tran Mai Anh
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Heebee Vietnam – Natural skin and hair care products combined with nanotechnology provide a comprehensive cleaning and beauty solution with high safety and outstanding efficiency.

Heebee Vietnam is a Vietnamese brand born from the effort to restore the esoteric body care methods of East Asian in the most natural way. Heebee’s products are developed from optimal formula combining natural ingredients and the application of nanotechnology, which is to ensure the effectiveness and stability of the product, safe for health and the environment.

Nanotechnology – an advanced field of science in manufacturing to increase product quality – is a technique that Heebee Company has been developing. When the molecule is nanoscale, some of the properties of that molecule become variable and some new properties also develop. In some other substances, under the nanoscale, the reaction speed also changes to help the active composition of the product penetrate deeper into the skin or hair, maximizing the ability of the product to effectively and long-term impact on the skin and hair of the user.

In the upcoming activity, Heebee Vietnam focuses on developing a factory that meets GMP – WHO standards of Good Manufacturing Practices according to the Ministry of Health standards. Heebee Vietnam believes that quality management according to GMP – WHO is a prerequisite for producing products that meet the requirements such as: minimizing errors, preventing any negative effects on quality products, ensuring registered quality and hygiene and safety for customers.