Nanosol – Photocatalyst Nanomaterials

Date posted: 06/13/2021

  • CEO: Nguyen Vinh Phuoc
  • Email:

Saigon Sanomat is a company specializing in the production of ceramic and metal oxide based nanomaterials. All products are manufacured based on self-manufacturing technology. This technology allows the creation of nanopowder products in just one step with no intermediate chemicals and no waste. The flexibility of technology can meet small needs from the laboratory to industrial production to supply tons of products per month.

The product with a mission for the community is Nanosol(R) photocatalyst nanomaterials used in agricuture to replace pesticides, bactericidal chemicals and eliminate residues of antibiotics and pesticides in agriculture. This type of product can also be used to clean up the environment and deodorize Agent Orange. The product is now present in all provinces in the Southwest region and the South Central region, where many kinds of fruit trees and aquatic products are concentrated. Products for other fields were also developed at the same time such as coatings. Among them, the biggest potential is the nanomaterials used to make solid-state nano batteries.

The development of company also brings benefits to the domestic agricultural industry, human health and environment, scientific research cooperation and education.