Wedding Equipment for Boiler and Cooling Tower

Date posted: 06/22/2021

  • CEO: Lê Trung Hiếu
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Ewater Engineering has been constantly focusing on improving electronic water treatment equipment for over 5 years of establishment and development. The company was established in 2016, and was recognized as a Science and Technology Enterprise in 2018 with these key products:

Residue treatment equipment for boiler system.

Residue & algae treatment equipment for cooling system.

Water ionizing equipment, which increases crop yield.

In industry, charcoal-burning boilers or industrial boilers, cooling towers, chillers,… are commonly equipment. However, after being used in a definite time, the boilers have a deposition, which leads to the obstruction, or the formation of moss that blocks the path of the cooling tower or chiller. Therefore, Ewater’s water treatment equipment, which operates on the mechanism of electromagnetic in the separating water molecules, will create precipitate that does not stick to the surface of the boiler’s pipe, helping not to cause new residues; For cooling towers, oxygen separated from water will carry out oxidation algae and micro-organisms in the water.

Wedding Equipment for Boiler 

The equipment is designed and built to be 100% automatic operation, bringing outstanding utilities and efficiency in both processing quality and economic benefits, safety for users, cost savings for investors, compared to the old solution of using chemicals. With more than 1500 products delivered to customers since 2016, Ewater is proud to be “Made in Vietnam” brand, offering products to many countries in the region, especially the Malaysian market – with large factories such as Nestle, Fujitsu, Nihon Canpack, Dutch Lady,…

Ewater is confident of competing with imported technologies in all aspects: technology, engineering, cost to construction, after-sales and maintenance. Therefore, Ewater’s major partners such as Vincom Group, Vietnam Dairy Joint Stock Company (VINAMILK), Hai Nam Seafood Company,… have re-signed Ewater products several times. Ewater is also a partner in supplying large quantities of equipment to boiler processing companies nationwide.