3T Robot Ecosystem

Date posted: 06/13/2021

3C Machinart CO., Ltd researches and develops leading new products in machine building and automation industry. Company’s human resources include talented young researchers, highly qualified engineers and multi-field knowledge in mechanics, electronics, automation control, embedded system and software.

We focus on researching, designing, manufacturing and tesing high-precision automation machinary systems, providing intelligent motion and system integration solutions for the automation industry and life.

With three years of focusing on research and production, 3C has launched the 3T Robot Ecosystem with many lines of robots applied to each industry group. One of the most successful products of this ecosystem is the widely used gas and plasma CNC cutting head height controller.

3T Robot has not only met the domestic demand but also exported to nearly 60 countries arround the world. 3C’s products save 20 – 30% compared to imported machinary. Not only that, the product’s productivity is also much higher because it is optimized and suitable for each industry.

In 2018, 3C Machinary CO., Ltd was in the list of the top 17 startups worth seeing in Southest Asia, the top 13 technology startups of Southest Asisa and the top 25 innovation robot startups in Asia funded by the National Innovation Fund to research, design and manufacture industrial robots for automamtion. Not only that, the Department of Science and Technology of Ho Chi Minh City signed a contract with 3C to finance the pilot production of 6 supplies and accesories consituting the 3T Robot Platform.