Smart Delivery Drone System

Date posted: 06/13/2021

Drone Pro Vietnam’s industry is Urban Air Mobility, our goal is creating new transportation solution in the city, where traffic jam is the biggest problem via area of street surface is very limited. The first product & solution to realize this vision is the smart delivery drones system for people live in apartment & high rise building. After customers order, our smart delivery drones system will automatically work, connect directly seller & buyer on apartment & high rise building, safety, manageable, save 50% delivery cost, income for drone’s owner. Customer will receive their orders in their balcony in 5-10 mins, confirm via smartphone, no worry about traffic-jam. Market value for this sector in Vietnam is 530 millions usd, and 48 billions usd in the Globe. Our target customers include: Logistic enterprise, eCommerce company, Commercial drone investor {receive delivery fee as return}, People live in apartment, Company & Individual want fast & interesting delivery goods & services, Company & Individual have technical skills & knowledge to add more functions on our smart drone platform, Government services. Product features: Connect owners, sellers and buyers directly through high-speed mobile internet (4G, 5G, etc.) Fully automatic, guided by virtual infrastructure, smart enough to avoid obstacles & predict risks to activate safety features. Delivery time is only from 5 to 10 minutes in the city, no affected by traffic conditions. Save 50% on delivery costs compared to existing solutions. Absolutely safe in urban environment. Receive goods & services at balcony of apartment building. Competitive advantages: Size efficiency: As compact as the delivery case. Balance system for delivery case: The drone does not tilt when moving, more stable for goods & services in transportation.