With the aim of promoting reasearch and development of AI solutions/products for young people in Vietnam in order to attract potential projects and form a community of young talented AI developers with high professonal ability. Understanding the exceed development trends of E-Commerce in recent years, under the direction of Board of Management of Saigon Hi-Tech Park and Department of Science and Technology of Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon Hi-Tech Park Incubation Center (SHTP-IC) in collaboration with Vietnam E-Commerce Association (VECOM) build implementation plan and announce to launch the “AI Hack Bootcamp 2021 –  AI Application Solutions in E-Commerce” Program on October 01st, 2021. The Program got accompany from many social – politic organizations, corporation, enterprises in the fields of AI Application, E-Commerce as well as technology support activities and startup innovation.

The Grand Opening of “AI Hack 2021 – AI Application Solutions in E-Commerce” Program organized via online, attracted a lot of representatives in entrepreneurship innovation community.

At the Grand Opening, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Dung – Vice President – Head of Representative Office of VECOM declared about exceeding development of Vietnam E-Commerce in the period of AI, Blockchain… applied widely.

The Program received sharing of representatives from TMA Innovation, HTGSOFT, ANS Center, ARI Technology and Amazon Web Services, with deep knowledge about AI development and research activities to apply to pratical projects, and advices for AI Startups in Vietnam.

The Program organized via online, attracted over 100 experts, speakers and innovation startups

Firstly, with the practical advices of Mr Tran Phuc Hong – Representative of TMA Innovation – Vice President VNITO. According to Mr. Hong, each AI product research company may need several months to years in order to develop precision AI model and build into application in reality. He also shared about the importance of data in AI design, desired to have sample data support from enterprises, combined to creativity of startup to create AI high value products.

Nextly, CIO & Co-Founder, HTGSOFT , Mr. Paul Dao talked about the view of R&D expert for the question: “How can we build data flow with integrity and confidentiality of both software and hardware system to build an effective and possible AI system?”

Mr. Paul shared that AI applied in E-Commerce not only via exchange data but also sound data (from call recorder of customer service), image from camera, face recognization. He also shared about challenges to build AI models running on hardware devices such as specific chips in industry.

According to combined sharing of PhD. Nguyen Tuan Nghia – CEO ANS CENTER and Mr. Ung Tien Dung – CEO ARI Technology, audiences got valueable sharing about data design process and how to form idea to apply AI intutively via practical examples from ARI. Mr. Nghia declared about the importance of  “Data Resources” – is a base of building AI application to create compettion ability of E-Commerce enterprises. Mr. Nghia also encourges startups who have ideas of building smart services to supply E-Commerce enterprises.

Mr Dung with design experience and implementation sucessfully on many E-Commerce platforms in Maylasia and Singapore shared more about one of the ways for startups to participate sucessfullyt in E-Commerce, that is to partcitipate in narrow markets of E-Commerce such as ARI’s sucessful customers: Thermomix – B2B2C platform; Doxa: Business Collaboration Platform; Shariot: Economic Sharing platform…

In addition, agrees with stuck point market of Mr Paul Dao about high professional requirements in AI system design and smart camera system, Mr. Nghia shared more about ANS Center’s products to help enterprises also simplize design process and AI model implementation in application and hardware. Especially, combinatin of ANSVIS platform of ANS Center with hardware of corporation – Advantech, it can build data flow from available cameras to combine data from E-Commerce in order to form Onmi Channel, a high status when E-Commerce operates with traditional agencies together.

In the Program, representative of Amazon Web Services Scout (AWS) – Ms. Nguyen Minh Hang – also supplied a variey of support solutions for projects participating in the Program, to help startups nhằm giúp các start-up develop maximum with support of experts form AWS..

Saigon Hi-Tech Park Incubation Center received the trust from many organizations, annouced officially “AI Hack Bootcamp 2021 – AI Application Solutions in E-Commerce”. In the period that the City has come back new normal situation, SHTP-IC hopes that with our young generation, Startups will participate in the Program like an opportunity to complete and develop stronger.

Link Youtube of Program: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C47OtENCuiA

Information about of rules and how to register the Program, please access: http://shtpic.org/vi/the-le-tham-gia-chuong-trinh-ai-hack-bootcamp-2021-giai-phap-ung-dung-ai-trong-e-commerce/