AI Solar Power Analysis System

Date posted: 06/08/2021

  • CEO: Nguyen Hai Linh
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AI Dynamix is a startup in renewable energy, focuses on developing solutions that support the solar power plants management and maintenance.

AI Dynamix focuses on developing a core algorithm for data processing analysis of solar power plants in order to build an open system, consisting of these key components:

Data collection IoT devices: Including self-developed devices and third-company devices that connect through the Open API.

  • Collect thermal and aerial photographs from AI Dynamix’s Drone or from another unit.
  • The drone’s thermal and aerial photographs analysis system.
  • Core Predictive Maintenance for early diagnosis of errors based on collected data.
  • Core analyzes IV-Curve directly for the Panel series.


Each component of the system can separate and act as an independent commercial product including:

  • IoT-based data collection system and real-time monitoring.
  • Information Technology System supporting maintenance.
  • Environmental sensor system and forecasting maintenance time.
  • I-V curve online measurement system for PV string.
  • Thermal camera with drone inspection and image analysis from Drone and report.

The core system of AI Dynamix is based on the architecture of Predictive Maintenance, which is one of the current trends in Industry 4.0. The detailed components as shown below:

Asset value ranking: Often in a factory, the equipment is assessed according to its importance and impact on its operation. In PV plants, the number of equipment is not much, including PV panels, inverter, and wiring – mounting systems. Solar panels and inverters directly affect the output of electricity generated.

Select devices that need Predictive Maintenance: mainly the panels and inverters. AI Dynamix is also developing electrical monitoring and mounting structure monitoring.

Modeling (digitizing) to be able to analyze device faults. Analysis of the relationship between measured parameters and faults. AI Dynamix has experts in digital modeling as well as knowledge of sensors and devices for analyzing data.

The algorithm for Predictive Maintenance is the strongest part of AI Dynamix. Usually, this section needs experts to make accurate predictions. These predictions need practical applications to be complete and reliable. AI or Machine Learning will help automate the application of expert knowledge found to automate early fault diagnosis.

Realtime Monitoring system software is used to help operating engineers monitor the system. AI Dynamix is currently seeking funding to build this system. Although it is not difficult to implement, it takes time and manpower to create quality software.

When the algorithm works correctly, the damage will be forecasted early (when the damage has not occurred or has occurred but has not been serious).

Maintenance operation knowledge is applied to create a to-do list for maintenance or replacement of equipment to ensure minimal losses.