AloGuru – Online Consulting Connecting Platform

Date posted: 06/13/2021

Guru Technology Joint Stock Company was established in 2017 and is a pioneer in applying technology to online consulting in Vietnam. Company launched AloGuru – An online consulting connecting platform that helps customer book 1-on-1 consulations through video calls in the fields of: business startup, marketing, human resource, English, psychological consulting…

Currently, AloGuru has more than 100 leading experts in various fields: experts Ly Truong Chien, Ho Trong Lai, Ho The Son, Ta Minh Tuan, Vu Minh Truong… and more than 20,000 users until April 2019.

AloGuru reached a wide range of customers and connects them with AloGuru’s experts, carefully selected and experienced professional in many fields. Customers can easily find and book an appointment with a suitable expert anywhere, saving time and cost up to 40%. Especially, the AloGuru platform is supported by the most advanced technology for fast and accurate connecttion, data encryption and security, anti spam, hackers.

In May 2019, company launched an application called TAGO. TAGO was born with the goal of helping users solve problems of modern life such as stress, anxiety, difficulty in making decision with technology. At TAGO you will receive life guidance from masters who are experts in the art of living. The first area that TAGO focuses on is tarrot reading – an industry estimated at 4 trillion won ($3.7 bilion) in the Korean market and up to $2.1 billion in the US. With nearly 4 months of launching, TAGO had a team of more than 100 experts, reached 4,000 users with more than 5,000 bookings and a month growth up to 50 – 70% with a marketing strategy of 0 VND. In 2019, TAGO expanded to markets in Asia such as Singapore, Thailand, Philipines, Indonesia and Malaysia.