Ozone Sterilizer – oSter – from MrVina

Based on the success of MrVina Farm.Pocket (The automatic watering and fertilizing system – applying semiconductor technology, embedded system and computer programming to agricultural manufacturing, standardizing process of rasing and planting as well as controlling product quality, ensuring food safety), MrVina has launched an Ozone Sterilizer – oSter. oSter is a high-speed full-body sterilizer, with directly in single-mode 3 seconds sterilization. oSter can be customized for sterilizing on motorcycles in and out of the apartment with double-mode 5 seconds sterilization.

The machine is made from a specialized ozone equipment, clean water and a 220V-50HZ electronic power source available in Vietnam (killing bacteria and viruses as 3000 times as using anolyte or ChloraminB 25%). Thus, oSter is guaranteed to be highly effective when being used in apartment complexes, buildings, or any other places.

In the Covid-19 period, using automated devices and solutions can help minimizing human-close-contact behaviors, contributing to limiting the spread of the disease. oSter –  with a vertical, simple, compact design – is easily moved & used, which is expected to become a high-quality domestic sterilizer which could be mass-produced to serve the anti-epidemic activities of the country.