Online Mentoring & Training Program – AI Hack Bootcamp 2021

AI Hack Bootcamp 2021 focuses on intensive training and mentoring for participating projects. Up to now, AI Hack Bootcamp 2021 has received applications from many projects across the country and has selected 14 projects to continue to enter this intensive series of activities.

From November 1st to December 4th, 2021, online training and mentoring programs for participating projects were organized. Regarding training activities, the organizers have implemented online meetings between projects’ representatives and experts in technology, business and startup. The projects have received a lot of professional knowledge through training sessions such as:

  • AI application in business activities: Mr. Tran Phuc Hong – Ceo of TMA Innovation, Vice Chairman of VNITO Alliance is the speaker.
  • AI & Digital Transformation training from Mr.Paul Dao – CIO, Co-founder HTGSOFT.
  • AI Concept and modeling training from CEOs of ANSCenter and ARI Technology.
  • Business Model Concept training, which brings business and marketing knowledge to the participants, Mr. Ta Minh Tuan – President of TMT Group is a speaker.

Mr. Tran Phuc Hong in the first training session

Mr.Nguyen Tuan Nghia 

Representatives of Phenikaa MaaS –  Mr.Lê Yên Thanh 

Mr. Trần Ngọc Bách – Representatives of GoTRUST, introducing the project and joining to the Q&A time.


================MENTORING 1 ON 1================

The intensive mentoring activities occured at the same time with training programs in AI Hack Bootcamp 2021. Participant projects have the opportunity to meet and receive advice from mentors on technology, engineering, finance, business… The mentors have carefully advised the projects in the program, through which, the project has acquired a solid knowledge to improve their technology and plan a suitable business model. The meetings were all held online in the situation of Covid-19, but the projects have had a memorable and precious time with the AI Hack Bootcamp 2021 program.


AI Hack Bootcamp 2021 is officially end on Dec 7th, 2021. We have found out the outstanding groups to join to the SHTP-IC’s Incubation program, click: