The implementation of social distancing in accordance with the Prime Minister’s Directive No. 16/CT-TTg shows the consensus of the citizen. Many options like “3 on-site” are applied by lots of businesses and HCMC medical units,…  But they are still in desperate need of technological support to be able to improve safety during operation; moreover, they can maintain and improve production capacity despite this difficult situation. Thus, The Ho Chi Minh City Department of Science and Technology launched the program “Finding and connecting innovative solutions to respond to COVID-19 in Ho Chi Minh City in 2021” (HCMC Innovative Solution – COVID 2021, abbreviated as HIS-COVID 2021).

HIS-COVID 2021 – considered as the “Vaccine Fund for Innovative Solutions” to help the City improve “antibodies” to cope with COVID-19 – welcomes the contribution and registration of individuals, groups, organizations and businesses own finished products which are innovative solutions, technology application ones, digital transformation ones in many areas of life. We encourage innovations that are small but can be applied in the process of patient care, controlling, tracing, regulating social resources, creating value for the community and providing technological solutions for businesses…

Ho Chi Minh City will gather and pilot your innovative and technology application solutions from the participation and contribution of the community, thereby assessing the effectiveness, implementation impact, packaging and transfering the initiatives not only to the community in Ho Chi Minh City but also to other provinces across the country.

Register for HIS-COVID 2021 if individuals, groups, organizations and businesses in the City own:

  • Innovative solutions;
  • Technologies, solutions and products are ready to be applied, feasible in COVID-19 period;
  • The project brings socio-economic efficiency in this complex situation.

Ho Chi Minh City Department of Science and Technology will select 20 best solutions and technologies to participate in training, consulting to improve the presenting skill to the selection committee. After that, we will select 10 excellent solutions to honor in Ho Chi Minh City Innovation and Startups Week 2021 – WHISE 2021. 10 solutions have the opportunity to receive the following priorities:

  • Excellent and appropriate innovation solutions will be introduced by the Department of Science and Technology of Ho Chi Minh City to the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City, departments, districts and city business associations, to partners who are in need.
  • Enterprises with excellent innovation solutions will be given priority to be considered to be recognized as science and technology enterprises, to receive many preferential policies from Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Innovative solutions of startups or in the stage of innovative startups being in need of further support will be facilitated to register for the Speedup Program of the Department of Science and Technology of Ho Chi Minh City and be connected to have the opportunity to receive investment packages for the next phase.

Saigon High-Tech Park Incubation Center (SHTP-IC) is honored to be one of the units currently participating with HIS-COVID 2021 with the desire to spread the meaning and practical value of the program, to attract and find the right innovative ideas, providing the most professional support to potential projects during this time and also in the future.

Enroll in HIS-COVID 2021 program at: https://his-covid.doimoisangtao.vn/dang-ky/

Application deadline: from July 26, 2021 to August 15, 2021.