gầnnhà.com in Covid-19 – a reliable friend

gầnnhà.com, developed based on cloud computing technology, can expand the scale of instant interactions and apply artificial intelligence to all digital operations of the platform. This will optimize the performance of buying, selling and distributing goods and services of the following areas:  Retail – Education – Employment – Real Estate for rent – Transportation; Traveling – Tourism; Entertainment; Beauty.

gầnnhà.com also provide mobile-app solutions to help small and medium enterprises saving time and costs in the digitalization process, accessing to the domestic and regional markets.

Product’s unique points:

  • Defined as the “Digital Branding – O2O “Auth” Digital Transformation” platform for smart cities.
  • Technology: Integrating, simplifying the process of building and developing the authentic digital brand based on edge computing with 5G ioT devices.
  • Centralizing and analyzing information data to increase business performance. Optimizing sales, information management at the sale point with ioT – O2O model.

“Close dating – Close searching – Close purchasing” – Furthermore, during the Covid-19, the gầnnhà.com team has upgraded the features that are available to serve the essential needs of the people even in the social distancing.

  • Constantly updating fixed and mobile food locations, the nearest pharmacies,… Brands specializing in providing food and necessities are linked on mobile app gầnnhà.com, both saving time to buy for users and maintaining the number of customer for businesses in difficult times. 
  • Guiding users to access health facilities, Covid-19 test sites, quarantine hotels. By using the mobile app, users can easily locate the places closest to them, which will save time to search, to move and protecting themselves.
  • Constantly updating news, new data on the local epidemic situation from the most reliable sources. News such as the number of new infections, vaccination figures, regulations on disease prevention,… are updated on the app. Thus, by using just one mobile application, users can easily update social news and carry out the necessity shopping activities in the fastest and most reliable way.

gầnnhà.com’s effectiveness of increasing social’s value

  • These solutions can build and protect the authentic digital brands, protecting the business to be developed sustainably and stably; eliminating the rampant sale of counterfeit goods and brand on e-commerce platforms.
  • Reduce social waste such as inventory; introduction of new products immediately; optimize transportation in delivery; connect job demand at the nearest sale point for workers etc; help to increase sales efficiency, shorten the time to build digital infrastructure at enterprises, especially for small, medium and micro enterprises, by 85% of enterprises in Vietnam.
  • Promote innovative ideas that are designed to connect openly with multi-party, multi-channel, multi-interaction, multi-infrastructure through API, creating new and unprecedented added values for society, contributing to the process of accelerating the integration of the world’s digital economy.