COVID-19 solution from Fman: NT01 – QR Code management platform

The world has witnessed the strong impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the economic and social life. In each country, infection prevention rules, lockdown regulations,… are continuously implemented, in order to curb the growth of Sars-CoV-2 virus and other dangerous variants. Therefore, strictly controlling people’s movements is one of the top measures. In Vietnam, Directive No16 of the Prime Minister has been promulgated in many localities, people’s movement is tightened. And the big question has been raised: how to efficiently management the movement.



The management of people’s travel at checkpoints, markets, supermarkets,… is not effective because of many limitations from manual implementation method, Fman has introduced NT01 – a QR code management platform – a product for data management in many situations such as: market scheduling, citizen management through checkpoints,… The operation and management of data will be carried out by the management units of each location.


NT01 will basically be applied in:

  • Use QR codes to simplify data entry and accuracy checks
  • Deploy custom input templates for specific cases
  • Application data analysis using POWER BI, customized according to user requirements
  • Simplicity and details in implementation (no app installed needed)

People can scan and monitor their movement (number of entrances, number of market trips as prescribed), adding/decreasing the name of the person to go following the prescribed number of turns, and presenting the code at the checkpoints by using only a QR code provided by phone or hard card. Those data is also updated through the Excel program managed by security guards and controllers,…

The project is currently being tested in Nha Trang, moreover, this is a free project from Fman for the community with the hope of supporting good management in the time of pandemic and bringing technology into people’s lives.