Oristek Camera360

Date posted: 06/12/2021

  • CEO: Tran Trung Kien
  • Email: kien.tran@oris.vn
  • Website: www.oristek.com

In 2019, Oristek JSC was established and is a pioneer in the research and development of technology and commercial production of safety systems for cars using technology developed by 100% Vietnamese brainpower.

The company’s latest product, Smart Camera for Car – OrisCam, is designed according to the Automotive Industry Standards and uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyze traffic conditions and automatically gives a timely warning in order to ensure users comply with traffic regulations when traveling on different roads with the following features:

– Recognize traffic signs;

– Recognize road lanes, people and vehicles;

– Warn traffic dangers with sound and warning lights.

With this product, driving on roads will be easier and reduce the rate of traffic accidents caused by distraction while driving.

With the strength of technology and automotive embedded systems, Oristek is confident to serve customers who are car users worldwide as well as corporate customers who are domestic and foreign car manufacturing companies.