MrVina Farm.Pocket (FP) – Automatic Watering and Fertilizing System

Date posted: 06/07/2021

Mr. Vina Technology Co, Ltd was established in 2013, the company has a comprehensive research team from Agronomy – Automation – Control system of solution for Smart Agriculture. MrVina is the first unit to provide products, Comprehensive – Smart – Lean solution for typical Cultivation of Vietnam.

MrVina Farm.Pocket (FP) – Automatic watering and fertilizing system – applying semiconductor technology, embedded system and computer programming to agricultural manufacturing, standardizing process of raising and planting as well as controlling product quality, ensuring food safety. One agricultural solution with 3 criteria:  Saving – Simple – Standard, make it easier to use, control and monitor on almost mobile devices. With Plug and Play criteria, MrVina FP is used for many types of plants grown in greenhouse and grown naturally through the South such as cantaloupe, cucumber, peppers, tomatoes, carrots… In addition, the product can be applied in the area from 0.2 to 3 ha within around 12 types of plants.

MrVina ensures the common benefits of MrVina FP: decreasing worker cost around 65%, 30% reducing electricity and water cost, increasing 250% in crop yield. Moreover, FP’s price is affordable (as 1/3 as the ones of the imported products from countries like Israel), so that it is more friendly to local farmers. That FP is applied Vietnamese language is also a plus. In addition, the product can early detect the precipitation on pipes due to poor quality fertilizer mixing.

The iFarm trial garden model in Da Lat, applied by MrVina FP system, has been successful in planting many types of plants, gaining the trust of many demanding customers, including from Japan. That is both a success and a motivation for MrVina to develop.

Clean – safe and traceable agricultural products are always a difficult problem for Vietnamese agriculture, therefore, MrVina Farm.Pocket (FP) was born, making it possible for farms to provide certified agricultural products according to VietGap, GlobalGap,…

The company promotes the cooperation with many large units such as Ca Mau Petroleum Fertilizer Co., Ltd. (PVCFC), Thien Sinh Joint Stock Company, Nha Be Agriculture and Food Co., Ltd. (Nha Be Agri), Southern Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology, Institute of Biotechnology of HCMC University of Agriculture and Forestry, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology Research and Transfer of HCMUTE… to increase the ability of applying technology into the production chain, so we can realize the goals and contribute to raising the level of Vietnam’s agriculture.