Medical Equipment Based on Laser and Optical Technology

Date posted: 06/09/2021

  • CEO: Luong Vu Dang Quang
  • Email:

AMED Medical Equipment Technology CO., Ltd (AMED) was established in June 2016 as an independent pioneer in researching, manufacturing, mastering production technology, transferring technology and putting into practical. Practical use of advanced laser technology equipment in the field of surgery and dermatology including: Laser fraction CO2 technology, laser pigment treatment machine, localized completely from the control circuit design, operating software construction, mechanical design… with 30% lower cost than imported devices.

AMED devices is completely easy to use, operators only need to set up the control parameters of the machine on the touch screen to control the machine. In addition, to the basic features similar to other imported laser devices of the same type, Lasitec has researched and added advanced features to the device to achieve high efficiency, especially the function of providing information. Clinic data and clinical data are most appropriate for people and climate in Vietnam.

Currently, the device has been transferred and put into use at Central Military Hospital 108, in Hanoi, some clinics, beauty center in Ho Chi Minh City and some other provinces.