Helmet Washing Machine

Date posted: 06/12/2021

CDS CO., Ltd is a company specializing in manufacturing and supplying car wash equipment, processing mechanical products, and automation electrical cabinets. Established in 2015, from a team of 4 employees, the company now has 15 employees, fully trained in soft skills and expertise. CDS has a team of young and creative engineers constantly researching and launching new products to meet the need of the market.

Up to now, CDS is proud of having assembled over 200 automatic car wash stations. We are happy to share with our customers the valuable business experiences drawn from our practical journey. We accompany and lead customers to success from potential and useful models.

Helmet washer product is 1 new product we designed and manufactured. The product will help many motorcyclists get a clean, fast, and fragrant helmet in just 5 minutes. Besides, CDS also creates a business model with products to help investors get rich from this model.

Currently, CDS has sold 5 products for customers to order before the product launched. This is a good signal for the cone washer product at the present and in the future.