Automation Mobile Robot

Date posted: 06/12/2021

Hyniz Technology Co., Ltd., formerly known as the Outsourcing Project Group in the field of Electronics Product Design (Set-top box, Smart home), includes Hardware, Software. In February 2020, Hyniz transformed the business, focusing on the field of industrial robots. Hyniz’s current products specialize in the factory/warehouse’s Smart Intralogistics, including Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV), Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR), Robot Palletizer, Automated Storage and Retrieval (ASRS).

Hyniz’s robotic automation solutions help factories/warehouses increase productivity, reduce dependency on simple but heavy labor, increase transparency in goods import and export, and quickly update, real-time for inventory in factories/warehouses.

Hyniz’s current product is being tested to supply to big factories in Ho Chi Minh City, such as AGVs in the form of forklifts, loading, and unloading pallets containing Packing Materials (PM). The system includes complete components including AGVs, Central management software, Warehouse management software, Operator interaction software, Automatic charging station, Automatic door. The use of AGV has helped the plant reduce labor cost of PM cargo transportation from 6 people/shift to 1 person/shift.

In the short-term development roadmap, other Hyniz product lines will also be researched and developed into the market including AMR, ASRS, and robot palletizer integration.