Intelligent Maintenance System

Date posted: 06/09/2021

  • CEO: Tran Huy Hoang
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We are MLTECH SOFT, the start-up company in Vietnam. We are trying to apply IoT & Data  Science technology to solve pain points in many various industries, especially in manufacturing  and logistics.

For IoT technology, we create some devices like beacons, gateway, etc. to collect data and manage  it on a cloud server. Some signals we focus on are location, vibration, temperature, acoustic emis sion, and humidity. We can use these on our application like location tracking solution, device  maintenance.

For Data Science technology, we analyze and build some models to help our customers to control  their data by data visualization, data prediction.

The key project of MLTECH SOFT is the Intelligent Maintenance System, which empathizes the pain points of our customers in the maintenance process to control machines in the factory. They work hard to make sure the machines are in their best condition and to avoid unexpected  downtime. However, with so many machines, maintenance became difficult, they had to stock  many spare parts but still could not find the right time for maintenance.

We offer to them the solution for zero breakdowns and unlock capacity – IMS. With IoT and Data Science technology, we create the gateway to collect data from Bluetooth bea con fixed directly on machines in overall location. Then, the gateway will upload the data to the  cloud in real-time and make suitable for the analysis using machine learning. We will send the  recommendation via the website or the mobile app. They can monitor the status of equipment and  make maintenance plans anywhere.

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