Smart Home Ecosytem

Date posted: 06/11/2021

Nanochip Technology Joint Stock Company (Nanochip) was established on June 29th, 2016, with the goal of becoming a leading IoT product development and manufacturing company, Nanochip is constantly researching and seeking understand customers’ needs, research and develop IoT and technology applications, and provide customers with products that apply to real projects with the best quality and service.

IoT is one of the new development trends in the future, connecting people and technology. With the continuous development of Internet of Things (IoT), Nanochip desires to bring you new products for customers to build and develop high-application IoT projects.

Nanochip has been creating a Smart Home ecosystem, including IoT hardware products, management systems and management applications for SmartHome devices for smart home use with features:

– Users can monitor and control devices remotely via applications on computers and phones.

– Voice control technology is integrated into the system through integrating the features of current smart speakers such as Google Assistant, Home Pod, Amazon Alexa … Users can interact with the voice system to create the comfort and convenience of use.

– All equipment in the system can be scheduled to run automated programs to reduce labor costs.

Currently, products used for smart houses such as: Smart Switch Light (Smart Touch Light Switch), Air Conditioning Controller (Smart Remote Controller), Motion Detection Sensor (Smart Motion Sensor) of the project have been Being put into the system of buildings and apartments of Sunshine Group, began to affirm the prestige and quality of the Smart Home ecosystem that Nanochip brings.