Smart Electric Motorcycle using IoT and Big Data Technology

Date posted: 06/12/2021

  • CEO: Nguyen Huu Phuoc Nguyen
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Selex Smart Electronic Motors Joint Stock Company (Selex Motors) was established in 2018 as a pioneer startup in the field of smart electric vehicles in Southeast Asia with a team of experienced domestic and foreign employees. Currently, the company is focusing on developing smart electric motorcycles, applying deep technology such as IoT, big data and advanced lithium-ion battery technology (similar to the technology used on Tesla vehicles. ) and engine control technology to offer a viable option to replace the currently popular yet outdated and polluted gasoline scooters. Instead of just focusing on designing and assembling cars, Selex Motors is determined to master the core technologies of “smart mobility”. Up to now, the whole design and core technology of the product are researched and developed by a team of Selex Motors in Vietnam.

Selex Motors has achieved some achievements as one of the 10 Asia-Pacific startups and the first Vietnamese startup sponsored by PFAN – an UNIDO-sponsored organization in the field of climate change and clean energy – options for training (for the past 8 months) and investment connectivity (at PFAN conference in November 2019 in Singapore). The company is also one of 12 startups selected from more than 1500 candidates from Southeast Asia and India selected by the prestigious Sequoia Capital investment fund for its fund’s Bootcamp “Sequoia Ventures Surge 2019”.