S3 Smart Streetlight System

Date posted: 06/13/2021

S3 Product stands for Smart Streetlight System completed and developed by S3 Joint Stock Company from the S3 project that won the first prize in 1st Ho Chi Minh City IoT Startup Contest 2016 with theme “Developing Smart City and Improving Life Quality” organized by Saigon Hi-Tech Park Incubation Center (SHTP-IC) – Board of Management of SHTP.

Founding members include: MSc. Phan Minh Hieu, Engineer Do Nguyen Thanh Dong (CEO ACIS Tehcnology JSC), Engineer Tang Phan Thnah Hiep and Engineer Nguyen Phuc Chau.

The S3 solution controls the traffic light system via wireless communication using the Wireless-Mesh Network platform technology due to the RF – FSK protocol. S3 is suitable for old generation Sodium lamps (On/Offf) and LED lamps (dimmer). The solution allows to control On/Off, increase or decrease the brightness and set the context and operation time. At the same time, S3 also has the ability to warn of lamp problems through the current sensors.

Applying cloud computing technology, S3 control software runs on many platforms, managing representations in the form of maps. Locate device based on online map. Real time direct display of lamp status, can calculate relative and analyze energy consumption.

Up to now, S3 Technology JSC has attracted many leading experts and engineers in the fields of IoT, automation and intelligent control to work.