OmniGO – Platform Connecting People with Transaction Points using Face Recogniton and Big Data

Date posted: 06/11/2021

OmniGO is a platform that connects everyone with their daily transactional points, from restaurants, fashion shops, beauty shops, shopping centers, entertainment centers, hotels, apartments, parking lot…

With two core technology, Face Recognition Technology and Big Data from multiple market segments, OmniGO brings value to three main target groups: Stores, Users, and Other Platforms. Stores can optimize operations, take better customer care, attract more customers, and stabilize revenue when using OmniGO solutions. Users on the OmniGO platform will be able to find nearby stores, be right for themselves, enjoy the added benefits of shopping, and have a more convenient shopping experience. Other platforms can partner with OmniGO to increase benefits for their users when shopping, and get transaction information from users which they are struggling to obtain.

Starting with a computer application so that store cashiers can identify their customers for shopping, preferences, and consumer behavior, OmniGO is expanding its range of web – The app provides information, statistics, and reports to the store to improve service quality, adjust products and mobile applications for users. And OmniGO will expand the service to more relevant markets, with extended features, aiming to build a consumer ecosystem, where users have more utilities when shopping and living in everyday life.