Diagry – All In One Smart Farming Solution

Date posted: 06/11/2021

  • CEO: Nguyen Truong Son
  • Website: www.diagri.net
  • Address: 02-04 Alexandre De Rhodes, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, HCM City.

Diagri application of Big Datatrace Joint Stock Company is a multi-platform solution that helps farmers, farms, cooperatives, and businesses simplify and control the mobile phone farming. Creating strong connectivity, digital transformation in the value chain of agriculture products and food, improve global competitiveness. The values that Diagri brings to customers are as follow:

– Planning the crop, estimating the harvest date, production according to the closed process, ensuring the standard of Vietnamese Gap, Global Gap, or Organic…

– Logging easily with smartphones, fast, full, detail, transparency, reliability with customers. Storing the entire cultivation process, improving for the next crop

– Internet of Things (IoT) controls the monitoring of farming care remotely and continuously. Automation to save labor cost, clean water, fertilizers, plant protection products… then collecting data automatically for stamps of reputable origin. With missions:

– Building an open platform and ecosystem for each organization and individual to make agriculture transparent in their way.

– Improve competitiveness to increase the value of Vietnamese agricultural products

– Always updating and applying new and advanced intellectual technology in agricultural business.

Big Datatrace wishes to become a nuclear business to support and promote farmers who have a worthy position on the global value chain.