BusMap – IoT Solution for Enhancing Public Transport Quality

Date posted: 06/10/2021

Phenikaa MaaS Technology Joint Stock Company was used to be known as BusMap Joint Stock Company – a startup with a free public transport application for bus passengers – “BusMap”. Currently, Phenikaa MaaS has oriented to develop smart transportation solutions based on core technology – “bMap” map technology, to apply the digital transformation process to real life.

“How to professionally control the traveling of the transportation system?” is the question of many local transportation enterprises. When moving becomes one of the most important demand of people, those enterpises are absolutely in need of a suitable controlling and management solution. That’s why Phenikaa MaaS has constantly developed bMap-based transportation management solutions and IoT technology, so that it can bring convenience in managing and mobilizing people and vehicles of any scale. The solutions are customized to fit the needs and characteristics of each organization and enterprise. Hardware devices are also promoted to improve the quality and experience for users. Here are some current solutions of Phenikaa MaaS:

  • Smart City
  • Smart School
  • IoT Solutions includes devices such as bGPS, bCheckin – idetection device and bHub – driver behavior recognition device, which are currently being developed.

bGPS device and bCheckin detection device

BusMap’s efforts as wells as Phenikaa Maas’s have been received and through awards that we got: First prize of Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2019, First prize of Viet Startup Contest 2019, First prize of AI Hack 2020 Contest, Top 10 Testfest Vietnam 2020, First prize of ITU Award 2020, Top 10 Innovation Challenges of Qualcomm Vietnam 2020… Especially BusMap application has got 2 million users and been available in Ho Chi Minh City, Ha Noi, Da Nang, Bangkok and Chiang Mai up to 2019. 

Notably, during the social distancing, Phenikaa MaaS cooperated with the authorities and HCMC’s businesses, quickly deploying bMap – the map technology developed by the company, with the ability to unlimited number of map layers, and to be expanded to many different types of maps. The mobile food bus information map in HCMC on the BusMap app is a typical project, guiding people to mobile food supplying locations, which can minimize the movement causing the spread of diseases.

The types of maps built on the foundation of bMap can meet large traffic, about 100 000 simultaneous visitors with 1 medium server, but it doesn’t take too much operating cost. In addition, the use of bMap also helps provinces control 100% of the content displayed on the map, ensuring the sovereignty and confidentiality of information (other solutions using maps of third parties or foreign units are at risk of information security and can not control the content).


Despite difficult times, Phenikaa MaaS’s young team constantly accelerate the development various projects and solutions of the company, serving the maximum for the country’s prevention of epidemics. With the above efforts, it is hoped that in the future, Phenikaa MaaS will become a big name in improving the quality of smart transportation, and expanding its operations in many different areas of transportation.