AI Application Solution for Ensuring Occupational Safety

Date posted: 06/10/2021

  • CEO: Vo Cong Hoang
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Pyroject, formerly known as the Research Department of IoT and AI technology application in the field of Digitalization, focuses on: Hardware and Firmware Design for custom IoT Gateway, Multi-platform data converter or acquisition, IoT Platform and Applying AI in object recognition.

In 2018, recognizing the pain of enterprises as well as workers when the occupational accidents rate is high causing tragic loss to society, and one of the reasons for that is the lack of awareness in Compliance with safety regulation on protective equipment, Pyroject has put effort on researching AI technology before officially created PPE supervising device to check compliance with protectice equipment in factories, construction site, production area and high chemical density environment.

Named AI-PPE Compliance Device (APC), the device takes advantages from high performance IC technology, GPU, in embedded computer. So that it can be applied AI model, Image processing algorithms and other controling threads for distributing at entrance gate, isolation areas, machinery operating areas or harzadous areas…

APC prototype at factory in Cu Chi Industrial Park

At present, APC is installed in some chemical and FMCG factories in HCMC industrial Park. Not only does the factories reduce cost of monitoring, operating risks, incident handling costs, but also contribute to creating a safe, professional working environment.

APC Devices are installed in FMCG Factory

Pyroject’s keep improving the technology and device to fit the needs of enterprises, society. That enables us to expand the market to construction site, medical quarantine area. Estimating there is over 30,000 potential target businesses in HCMC, for international, the PPE market’s value nearly 2.69 bil USD in ASEAN (2019) and growing rate at 8.1%, this would be high profitable playground.

Development Oriented in Digitalization for businesses, APC is designed for both individual gadget and Edge device of IoT system. Following that, APC can connect, accquire data and control others in network.

Besides, Pyroject’s working on developing digitizing products along with APC to contribute an ecosystem, which helps promote enterprises’ digitazing process, moving to Digital transformation. Therefore, enhance the competitiveness of each organization.